A Lazy Weekend at "Home"

It’s Sunday here which means the beginning of the work week for Michael and the rest of the Announce Media crew. Michael and I enjoyed a very lazy weekend at home at the apartment the past couple of days. I think it was a much needed break for Michael from work. He has been working some extreme hours this past week and it’s likely that that will continue this week. Being in such a different time zone can really add a different element to work. When the CA office is just getting in Michael is going home so to talk with any of the members of that team he works late, a lot. But he did manage to not work Friday or Saturday which was of course nice.

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Friday we walked up to Holy Bagel for a late lunch and ate at home Friday night. Then on Saturday we hung out at the apartment during the day and then met up with everyone in town from Announce Media for dinner at Zuni. Once again Zuni did not disappoint and we had a delicious dinner. Today it’s back to work for Michael and I’ve been doing household stuff…cleaning, laundry, and managing the expense reports all sorts of fun. But I am happy that I can make things a little bit easier for Michael when he does come home after such long days. One week down another 6 or so weeks to go. I very much miss being at my St. Louis home but I can’t imagine not being here with Michael.