Happy 30th Birthday Michael!!

Yesterday was Michael’s 30th birthday, I never thought we would be spending his 30th birthday in Jerusalem. It is amazing where life takes you sometimes. Michael of course worked and I couldn’t really come up with any amazing birthday surprises so we had dinner after work with Brian and Jim the usual crew. We did go to a new place which was wonderful and turned out to be a great birthday dinner. We went to a restaurant called Chakra. It’s another non-kosher restaurant so it was of course nice to have cream and cheese with our meat. Our waitress was extremely nice and helpful and recommended some great appetizers. We started out eating some spicy tuna, fried cauliflower, and calamari. The cauliflower was very weird but very yummy. Michael and Jim enjoyed the Beef Stroganoff for their entree while Brian and I got the Filet Kebab with a little bit of lamb (that is actually how it was listed on the menu). Finally we decided to get some birthday dessert. Michael and Jim got creme brulee which they were happy to see was actually what we know and love. It was a traditional creme brulee. Brian asked about getting just ice cream and our waitress explained that if he wanted they would put tahini and pine nuts on his ice cream. Brain decided that was not what he wanted and got chocolate mousse, but our waitress kept talking about how good the ice cream was. She explained that they used the tahini before it was salted and that it was similar to honey. I was so intrigued that I got the ice cream with tahini and pine nuts. It was a great decision. So yummy. I was shocked how much the tahini was like honey it had the same consistency and sweetness. ¬†All the guys dipped their spoons into the ice cream and we all agreed delicious. After dinner we got a drink at our favorite bar Gent and the bartender was nice enough to bring Michael a shot with a sparkler in it. We had a great night and I hope Michael had an amazing 30th birthday. It’s definitely one I will not forget.