We’re Back!

Michael and I are back together again in Jerusalem. It’s kind of weird to be back, it almost feels like I never even left. We left St. Louis Friday evening and flew through the night. Luckily we did not have any delays or missed flights so it didn’t take quite as long to get back here. We landed in Tel Aviv around 5:30pm Saturday and it really was a nice feeling to know what to expecting going through passport control and customs. We quickly grabbed a cab and got back to our apartment around 6:30pm. I can’t even begin to explain how happy I was knowing that we would be returning to the apartment and not a hotel room. We have space to completely unpack and store our suitcases. So nice not to be living in a hotel room. I do miss having someone else clean and the pool (hopefully I will be getting a membership and be able to go back to Inbal for some pool and gym time) but being in the apartment is so much better.

Michael was back at work yesterday so it was just me and myself during the day. I walked to Jaffa Street and had lunch at Holy Bagel. I was going to get some groceries, but it was getting a little hot out so I decided to wait until after dinner and go with Michael. Unfortunately his work had different plans and he didn’t get back until almost 11pm so I had dinner at Little Italy and people watched and we will try again tonight to do dinner together and then grocery shopping.

Kathy and the girls are back in CA which makes the days a little long. It was very nice to have someone to hang out with during the day definitely broke up the day a bit. But I’m settling in and I have lots of things to occupy my time. Getting to go to the pool and the gym will be very nice, fingers crossed that happens soon.

I definitely do not miss the St. Louis humidity, the weather here is perfect. Sunny and in the mid 80’s and no tornados. It was great to be home and see so many friends and get to hang out with family. I’m sure before we know we will be back at the airport getting ready to come home. What a crazy summer this has been I do feel very lucky that I have been able to experience all of it. What a ride!