Adventures in the US

I’ve been back in the US for about two weeks now and have been busy as ever. First I went to Columbia, MO for my best friend’s wedding. Ashley was nice enough to make the trip with me. We had such an amazing weekend. We were able to hang out with old Cuba High School friends Seth and Sam….always good to see old friends. We learned that cab drivers in Columbia talk way too much, and finally having a sisters weekend does great things for the soul.

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After we got back to St. Louis I had a couple nights at home before jumping on a plane to Atlanta to see my older sister, Erin, for a couple of days. I had an amazing week hanging out with her, her husband Chris, and her dog Jasper. We went outlet shopping, had some amazing Mexican food, watched movies and enjoyed some great Trader Joes wine. I ended up staying an extra night because all the flights leaving Atlanta to St. Louis were too full. But I did get to see a couple of Apple friends at the Atlanta airport. Such a small world. But Erin and I enjoyed one more evening together before I headed back early Sunday morning. Big thanks to my in laws for coming to pick me up.

Now I’m back at my parents house getting in some quality time with our cat, Abby, before heading back to StL later tonight. I’m definitely enjoying being home, and getting to hang out with so many friends and family, but it sucks that Michael is still in Jerusalem. But I’m so excited that he comes home in one week for his brother’s wedding, so it’s off to St. Croix for us then back to Israel. I just can’t wait to be in the same time zone as Michael.