Home Sweet Home?

We finally are in our Jerusalem apartment after three weeks at the Inbal Hotel. We moved into an apartment that is across the street from the hotel so moving was easy. Our apartment is very nice and we are much happier here. It is still totally weird though. We are in a kosher apartment which means separate plates, dishes, pans, and sink for meat and dairy. We chose to just get some paper plates to make it easier during our stay, since we certainly will be eating meals with meat and dairy. Michael took some photos and video of the apartment today so hopefully I will be able to get those up here soon (we are having some internet issues so video and pictures may be delayed a little). All in all it feels great to be able to lounge around on the couch.

Yesterday before we were able to move into the apartment we toured the Western Wall Tunnels. I had never heard of this tunnel system under the Western Wall but Michael heard about it at work and was told it was something we couldn’t miss. It was a pretty short tour which was nice I started to get a little claustrophobic and was starting to get a little anxious in the narrow underground tunnel. But seeing that portion of the Western Wall and what was below us was really spectacular. I just couldn’t help thinking what if the Muslim Quarter of the Old City caves in on us right now. Silly thoughts I know, but we survived the tour and got to see some neat things because of it. Check back for photos I will post them when I can.

Now we are just enjoying our last couple of days together before I head home without Michael, then we will both meet back in St. Louis to then go to St. Croix for Michael’s brother’s wedding, then it’s back to Jerusalem for a little while longer (no actual end date on the books yet). It’s been an amazing adventure so far and I am excited to see what the rest of the summer brings.