It's been a busy couple of days

We’ve had a busy couple of days here in Jerusalem. On Tuesday May 3rd, Michael went with his company on an all day outing to the River Jordan and Sea of Galilee. They also road around the Israel country side. I did not go on this trip so you will have to talk to Michael to see how it was. From what I hear it was a very long day but they were able to do some pretty cool things. Unfortunately he was unable to take a lot pictures because they were in or around water for a lot of the day. Not great for photos. But here’s the link for some of what he did that day gallery.me.com/robinflynn1.

Kathy and I decided to go back to the Tower of David and go through the museum they have there. It is a really neat museum that they created within the walls of these old structure. The museum is all about the history of Jerusalem. It was pretty incredible to be able to literally walk through and see the changes to the city and how they got to where they are today. This city has been torn down and rebuilt so many times I actually lost track. In the entrance of the museum is a Chihuly glass sculpture it was pretty neat to see his work even over here. Chihuly really gets around. I can’t even wrap my head around how old some of these building are, or the stones used to create them. They are literally thousands of years old. It’s just crazy. The museum does free tours in multiple languages, but the guy doing the English tour didn’t come into work so we had to get the audio guide. It was pretty fun walking through and listening to the explanations at the different stations. Here’s the pictures that I took in and around the museum gallery.me.com/robinflynn1

Finally today Kathy and I took a tour of Jerusalem on a double decker bus. It was a neat experience but I’m happy we got on the bus early since it got really hot up there. I was very ready to get off when we did. It was neat because we were able to drive by areas of Jerusalem that I haven’t seen. We drove by the Technology Park where all the guys work, so I can at least say I’ve seen their office. We also drove by the Holocaust Museum. We decided it would definitely be worth taking a cab and go back to the museum. Here’s pictures from the bus tour gallery.me.com/robinflynn1 After our bus tour we had lunch on . It was a lovely day, but we are both wondering how we will handle it if it gets much hotter here. Today it got in the 90’s and walking around is not nearly as fun when it gets that hot.

We’ve got no plans for the weekend, which is just how Michael wants it. They have been extremely busy with work so it will be nice to have a few days to just relax by the pool.