Desperate Housewife of Jerusalem

The reason we are here is so that Michael can work which is easy to forget since we are at a hotel and it feels like a vacation, but yesterday was the first day the guys went to the office. So all day I was on my own and that’s what it will continue to be like during the work week. It’s a pretty nice life being a housewife in a hotel. Yesterday I got up when Michael was getting ready for work and headed downstairs for breakfast. After breakfast I went to the gym and then to the pool. Kathy and I made plans to do lunch and then pick up her daughters from school. We headed out about 1:30pm or so. The walk to the school is challenging because it is all uphill (again I better come back in better shape than I left) but it’s a cool street that we go up, lots to see. So we got the girls and stopped for gelato on the way home. Michael had a company dinner last night so I went up to the Mamilla Mall and ate at Cafe Cafe. It was tasty and the server was very friendly.

Today was similar to yesterday except I could not get out of bed when Michael left. I was exhausted. I slept in a little late, but then met up with Kathy again. We went to one of the big street markets in Jerusalem. What a sight to see. Kathy compared it to the markets in Asia. It looked like a movie set to me. They had all sorts of stuff: produce, spices, baked goods, meat, etc. We had lunch at one of the restaurants in the market and then walked over and got the girls again. Michael and I have been really wanting some juice so Kathy directed me to an actual grocery store that would have snacks and drinks for us. What an experience shopping in a grocery store in Jerusalem. Everything was in Hebrew. Kathy warned me that I would need a “club card” to shop there, I just asked the guy for one and he handed it to me, not very exclusive, luckily for me. I found some drinks and granola bars and then went to check out. They have a different procedure to handle the carts but I didn’t exactly figure it out. I’ll need to keep a better eye on what everyone else is doing. Once I got my groceries I started walking back to the hotel. Even though I didn’t get to the gym today I definitely got my workout in, after all that walking then carrying those heavy bags, in the heat. I wonder how many calories I burned?? Then it was back to the hotel and a little pool time. I’m going to start getting ready for dinner since I have no idea when it might be it’s better to just be ready because when those boys are ready it’s time to go.

So all in all it doesn’t suck to be a desperate housewife of Jerusalem and I think it will only get better as I get more comfortable.