A taste of Israel

Yesterday marked the last day here before the real works starts, so it was of course spent doing lots of work by the guys. They all sat around the hotel lobby on their laptops prepping and getting ready for today. Since they were working we decided it would be best to eat a little late and get a quick bite. No leisure restaurant dinner for us. We took a cab to one of the touristy neighborhood (not sure what the name of that neighborhood is). We’ve walked up there before but since it was late and kind of cold we decided cab would be best. After just a little walking around the neighborhood we found a little falafel place that also served shawarma. It was delicious. Michael and I both had shawarma wrapped in lavash bread. Gabe ordered for us and was nice enough to order it with hummus, hot sauce, and chips (french fries) so yummy. Next time we head there I’m definitely getting the falafel in a lavash. It was so nice to finally get a little taste of Israel. With coming in the middle of Passover it was difficult to find Israeli food since all the Jewish places were shut down or serving really limited (aka not a good) menus. It was really cool to sit outside, eat our shawarma and feel like we could truly enjoy Israel. After dinner we walked up the road a little bit and stopped at Max Brenner for an after dinner treat of gelato. I’m a huge fan of gelato and Max Brenner did not disappoint, it was amazing. I had a dark chocolate gelato that literally took my breath away. After the gelato we decided to go ahead a walk home, and work off some of those calories. Totally worth it!