If you want to eat, get ready to walk

I am very curious to know exactly how far we have walked since getting here just a few days ago. Our favorite little non-kosher neighborhood is a pretty good hike away. Definitely walkable but yesterday we managed to go up there three different times, and Jerusalem is not a flat city so by the end of the night my legs were aching. We did find our new favorite restaurant Focachetta. It isn’t kosher which is awesome because you can get real bread, hot food, and it’s open during the holiday. Yesterday we went there for lunch I got cheese pizza it was amazing and Michael had a steak sandwich with crusty bread also amazing. One other perk to Focachetta is the fact that they put ice in the drinks. Most places don’t use ice and even the fridge in our hotel room isn’t particularly cold. I guess they just like everything here about room temperature.

Today we headed to Tel Aviv which is about a 45 – 60 minutes away. Once we got to Tel Aviv and to the beach it was amazing but being in the car is pretty stressful. Roads are super narrow and confusing and the other drivers pretty much do whatever they want….driving in between lanes, cutting you off, pulling out in front of you, pretty much all the stuff we hate is a common occurrence. ┬áBut we made it there and back without major incident, so I would say pretty successful plus the beach was fantastic!!! We walked around for a while and then sat outside at this restaurant and had some of the best hummus I’ve ever eaten. Gabe (another Announce guy) has been here before and said that the hummus we had today was pretty average for Israel, I’m pretty excited about finding what they would consider good hummus. Pretty sure it will knock my socks off.

All in all it was a pretty solid couple of days. We are pretty exhausted not sure if it’s all the walking, the sun, or the time zones, but hoping to feel better in the coming days. So for now we will just keep doing what we are doing and very much looking forward to the end of Passover and things can get back to “normal”.