First full day Completed!

We woke up yesterday and thought maybe it was all a dream, maybe were weren’t in Israel but really back home in St. Louis. But then we opened our eyes, stretched a little bit and realized viagra tabs NOPE it most certainly was not a dream. We are definitely living in Jerusalem.  We decided that we need to explore outside the hotel and see what was around us. Michael wants over these next couple days help me to be as comfortable as I can with our neighborhood so that next week when he goes to work I will be able to go out and do stuff. We found just up the road is a little cluster of restaurants so we sat down to have lunch at Cup of Joes. It was good I had an egg sandwich Michael had tuna, nothing spectacular but good. I would go back for sure. It started raining so we decided to go back to hotel and explore there some more. But plans changed when we met up with Brian (other Announce Media guy) he had just gotten in and wanted to see if we could go find a beer somewhere. Wouldn’t seem like that difficult of a task but since it is Passover most places won’t serve alcohol. We were told that we would have to go to the Christian Quarters of the Old City to get a beer. So off we went walking to the Old City (you can’t take a car into Old City). Would have been a nice walk except it started raining and raining hard; we got soaked, and when the sidewalks are wet they basically get as slick as ice. So we were wet, cold, and trying really hard not to fall, but we were on a mission and we were finding a beer. Old City is like a movie set really narrow walk ways with shops along the sides. It was packed with people, Michael said he felt like Indian Jones. There were military guys with huge guns just standing around, it was a little unnerving. It’s a pretty confusing place the “streets” are difficult to figure out but we managed to find the Christian Quarters and ended up in a little restaurant and they had beer!! We sat at the back of the stone building in what felt like a cave or tomb. It was so pretty we took a couple of pics which I will get up a little later. Old truly has a different meaning here. We sat there wondering who else before us sat there drinking a beer, maybe Jesus himself. Crazy to think that that is even a possibility but it is. We headed back and found a much better route to return home. And luckily we found a store that is kind of like Walgreens and I was able to buy a hair straightener, thank goodness!!

After a little nap we all decided to see if we could find somewhere to eat dinner. Since it is Passover we had to find a non Kosher/non Jewish establishment, not as easy as it sounds. Thankfully we live in a time with the internet and google so we were able to find an area of town within walking distance where all the non Jewish restaurants are. We are learning that you should really make a reservation everywhere, but the wonderful people at Dolphin were able to find a table for the four of us. I think we will most certainly be returning to Dolphin for dinner again. It was delicious!! They had a really cool atmosphere, the service was great, the wine was tasty and my dinner was amazing. Our waiter told us about some bars that were in the area that we could go to after dinner to get a drink. We went to a bar called Gent that had Stella on tap which is always nice to find a taste of home. When we got there around 10:00 or 10:30pm it was pretty quiet, we sat at a table and just took it all in. About an hour or so later the place really filled up, the music was turned up and it was a party! It was a really cool place, definitely a good end to the night.

Walking around at night is so much nicer here than it is in St. Louis. The streets are really well lit and the atmosphere is just nicer.  We never felt like we were in a sketchy place or unsafe. Not something I could say about walking around at night in St. Louis. We’ve got no plans for today I guess we will just see what the day brings.