It’s almost time to go….

So our bags are pretty much packed, we think all loose ends are tied up, and we have everything in place to be away for awhile. Yesterday was filled with freak outs (mostly by me) and just a lot of anxiety, but today thankfully I’m feeling much more excited and ready to go. It is definitely a scary feeling not knowing what it is going to be like once we get to Jerusalem or what challenges going through customs might bring but all in all I think we are mostly excited and ready to just get there. I’m sure I will have a lot more to say once we get there, but for now all we can do is just get on the plane. I cannot believe tomorrow is the day it feels like just yesterday Michael called me and said “I need to be in Israel for three months, you in?” So off we go and I will post pics and info once we get there and get settled. Wish us luck!!