Phase One is underway

So Phase One of lets spend the summer in Israel is underway.  I am currently hanging out at my parents’ house in Cuba, MO with our cat, Abby. Abby will be spending the summer here with them, since the travel to and from Israel and the uncertainty of getting her in the country was just too much of a stress for me and her. She seems to be adjusting pretty well, lots of smelling and exploring. I am definitely enjoying my time getting spoiled by mom, but I’m really feeling the fact that when I get back I will have 2 days in St. Louis before we hop on a plane and head out. The reality of all of that is really starting to set in, it is so exciting but oh my god terrifying at the same time. Both Michael and I commented tonight that it feels like we should have more to do, but we really don’t. Really at this point we just need to pack. I can’t believe the time has come and we have to do some of these things. It has truly felt like just a cool story until now and now it is reality.