Big changes and Adventures ahead

So lots has happened here is just a very short amount of time. Just a few weeks ago Michael and I found out that he needs to be in Jerusalem, viagra 100mg Israel for the summer for his job….so  I quit pay for essay writing my job to go with him. We leave on April 20th and then I will be back for a visit on May 16th and we will both be back for good a the end of July. During the time that we are gone we are going to go to St. Croix in the Virgin Islands for Michael’s younger brother’s wedding. It looks like our passports will be getting quite a few miles this summer. I know I am extremely excited about the trip but I am also very nervous.

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I just have no idea what to expect or what it will be like but feeling pretty blessed to have such an amazing opportunity. Check back for updates on what we see, do, and experience while we are away. Can’t wait!!!