Welcome Baby Colin

So in true second child fashion I have not kept really any record of what my pregnancy was like with Colin, I also have maybe one photo of me pregnant with him. So even though I have no written record of his pregnancy I really wanted to get his birth story down because it was so completely different from Molly’s.

His birth story really starts at our anatomy ultrasound where we first learned that I have a low lying placenta, which then ended up completely covering my cervix for a complete placenta previa. We went through the second half of the pregnancy knowing that a c-section was a very real possibility and likely going to happen since the baby’s exit route was blocked by the placenta and put me at a significant risk of bleeding. So after ultrasounds at 28 weeks, 32 weeks, and finally at 35 weeks my doctor made the decision to deliver our baby boy via a c-section at 36 weeks. Late enough that the baby had good chances of being fully developed even his lungs but early enough to prevent me from going into labor and risk bleeding.

Early Monday morning on June 8th Mike and I headed down to Palo Alto to Stanford’s Children’s Hospital. Surgery was scheduled for 8:30am and we were told to get there at 6:30am for prep and all that good stuff. I was a total ball of nerves, but Mike managed to make jokes at every step of the way. We started out in what would be our recovery room where I got my IV’s and we met our amazing nurse Ana who would be with us before, during and after surgery. I had to get two IV’s because of the risk of bleeding they needed a dedicated IV just in case I needed a blood transfusion. Getting the IV’s placed was less than fun because I was dehydrated from fasting for surgery and with each one the initial placement didn’t take and it had to be redone. Also I hate IV’s I always feel like I’m going to mess them up or knock them out somehow so having one on each hand also sucked, but I didn’t have much of a choice. Finally after what felt like an eternity we were wheeled into the OR. It was just a freaky feeling knowing what was going to be happening and that I was going to be awake but numb for it. Next big hurdle and one that I was particularly nervous about was getting the spinal. When I was in labor with Molly I did get an epidural but when my legs got too numb I had them lessen the medicine so I could feel my legs. Obviously I didn’t have that option this time, but I hated knowing that I wouldn’t be able to feel or move my legs. Just like with the IV’s the initial placement of the spimal was wrong (I guess the resident missed her target) and I suddenly felt this shock and like flash of electricity down my left side. I was completely freaked out and thought for a second that I was paralyzed. I wasn’t and the attending anesthesiologist took over, my doctor came to me and calmed me down and helped me understand that I was okay and they just had to try again. After that I was super nervous and really just needed surgrery to be done. The anesthesiologists did all their numbing tests to make I was completely numb. I remember I kept trying to move my legs and I would start freaking out a little that I couldn’t move them and I had to keep reminding myself that I shouldn’t be able to move my legs and to stop trying. It was a very weird sensation.

Before I knew it my doctor was starting surgery and it went pretty quickly once she made her initial incision. We knew going in that my placenta placement was going to cause some trouble since she had to go through the placenta to get the baby (causing me to bleed significantly) but after some tugging and pulling baby Colin was here. He was born around 9:30 in the morning (and nope I don’t remember the exact time) weighing 7 pounds 5 ounces and was 20 inches long. All the nurses were surprised he was only 36 weeks. Mike was able to go over to Colin right away and once the doctors and nurses assessed him he brought him over to me to see while my doctor finished surgery. I was bleeding pretty heavily and I could hear my doctor talking/telling the anesethologists which medications to use to get the bleeding under control. One medicine was these pills that needed to dissolve under my tongue and the doctors ended up pouring water in my mouth to help them dissolve and get the medicine to start working. Thankfully the bleeding was controlled and we were totally prepared for it and I didn’t need a transfusiom. And then just like that surgery was over our baby boy was here and it was off to recovery.